Use the Directions API to provide arrival times and fare calculations to reassure the customer

If your customer is in a hurry, it can feel really frustrating wondering when her taxi will arrive. Keep the customer informed of the vehicle’s estimated time of arrival using the duration-in-traffic information in the Directions API. This can be done at the moment a person requests a vehicle using data about current road conditions or could be done ahead of time (for future bookings) using data about historic conditions.

Even before the journey starts, customers can be provided with an estimated fare based on the optimal route and traffic conditions and a visual representation of the route. Alternative routes can also be provided. These details can be used to estimate when the customer may arrive at their destination and how much it should cost.

Whilst the customer is traveling this information can be constantly updated if required showing the progress towards the destination and also any potential upcoming issues. Allowing the customer to be kept informed before and during the ride will increase confidence and improve the customer’s user experience.

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