Google Insights

Understand the client’s behavior and how they interact with your business.

Discover how your business is found by people
Learn how your business profile interacts with clients. How have you been found by people? Where do they come from? The answers are right here with Google My Business.

Understand client insights
Google My Business interface showing the Insights panel on any device. Check out client views and actions to learn the client’s behavior and how you’re doing – and how to distinguish yourself. Insights allow you to review clicks, calls, views of the business profile, and more. Insights graph showing clients activity.

Understand your client community
Find out where people are coming from to better target your clients – and to help bring in new ones.

Insights graph showing Driving Direction Requests
Have a look at which photos are getting noticed. Discover which of your photos get the most attention compared to similar businesses and how you’re doing it.